Dakota International Exploration Group is a private company established for the restitution of assets lost or stolen from government worldwide throughout history. The company uses state- of-the-art technology and innovative methods for the research, discovery and extraction of these assets.

The Štěchovice Treasure

A new stage in the search for Štěchovice treasure was recently announced by Bruce Mottl of the Dakota International Exploration Group based in Midland, South Dakota USA. DIEG, founded by Bruce Mottl, Britnee Wood, Helmut Gaensel, and Kyle Norman, is preparing to uncover the  Štěchovice Treasure. 

Mottl recently stated:

“The key to our success was to focus on the facts, not myths or legends. The hard work and dedication of our team has led to the discovery of this long lost treasure”

Helmut Gaensel, who just celebrated his 85th birthday in June, in talking about the next stage of the Štěchovice treasure states:

     “I have been convinced of the existence of the treasure since meeting Colonel Emil Klein in 1964  —  he commanded the SS Engineer School in Hradištko during the war. I have devoted many years of my life and tens of millions of crowns to finding the right place. This time we have the right place!”


Our Experience


 Dakota International Exploration Group is the combination of grit, knowledge, wisdom and compassion, deemed necessary for the search, recovery and restitution of the Stechovice Treasure. DIEG is a diverse crew of dedicated individuals with experience in mining, engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, construction, design services, investigative research, explosive ordinance detection training, environmental protection, environmental studies, telehealth networks, historical review, nuclear support services and more.